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Atalya Conley, Ph.D.

Consultant Complementary Alternative Medicine, MCSP in Rehabilitation Medicine, expert in problems of the vertebral column and the joints, M.T., Parents and Groups facilitator, T.A.Pet, N.L.P. Director of a Holistic Body-Soul-Spirit Pain Clinic combining methods from the Western and the alternative medicines/

Dr. Conely is an expert in holistic treatment using the body-soul approach. Against this background, she specialized in the treatment of  problems that stem from a deficient nutrition, strict, extreme and unbalanced diets, as well as eating disorders. In the framework of her treatments, she encountered many patients that suffered from different problems – digestive track, immune system, nervous system, skeleton, joints, muscles and the brain – whose origin was a deficient, unbalanced nutrition and a deficit of vitamins and minerals as a result of extreme, destructive diets.

In the framework of the studies for  her doctoral degree at Westminster Univesily, UK, she specialized in the area of nutrition and, against the background of this knowledge, she developed RAZKEF, a nutrition supplement that represents a response to persons who are interested in reducing their measures and in firming their bodies, but who are not willing to damage their health for this end.

In the Pain Clinic, she treats a wide range of problems of the back and the joints both chronic and acute – dislocation of a disk, releasing a "sprained" back, constriction of the spinal camal, juvenal scoliosis, pains and infections in the knees, the shoulders and the ankle, treatment of the joints of the jaws, sinusitis and migraines – and, mainly, unexplained pains regarding which the conventional Medicine has "given up" and/or recommends radical and/or surgical treatments.

Dr. Conley is the developer of the RAZKEF nutrition supplement for slimming down in a healthy and easy way and for maintaining a health body and vitality.

Dr. Conley has thousands of satisfied customers, who, thanks to her, left behind limitations, pains and chronic and acute problems that beset them for many years, whereas they themselves did not believe that things can be different too.

Dr. Conley has taught at schools of Alternative Medicine. She has taught at many universities in Israel: Assaf Haroffe Hospital, Tel Aviv University, Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheba, senior medical students; at the school of continuing studies in the medical professions at Bar Ilan University: Human Relations and Human Engineering, Engineering, Ergonomics; at Hadassah Hospital in Ein Karem: to community nurses. She carries out one-day seminars and workshops and lecturs in the area of Alternative Medicine,  the combination of Western Medicine and the several currents of Alternative Medicine, body-soul, as well as one-day seminars and workshops for therapists who carry out diagnoses and provide specific treatments.

Sr. Conley also guides parents and groups using the humanistic approach, her specialization and engages especially in guiding parents of children who suffer from visual defects, blindness and general physical handicaps. She carries out workshops for divorced parents and manages encounter groups for physically challenged young persons.

Professional education, training and experience

Dr. Conley has studied in a variety of seminars, courses, both long and short continuing education courses, one day seminars, courses abroad, more or less in-depth studies and studies under supervision in different areas - all of these in the varied, ample fields in which she engaged.

This ample variety finally became integrated into a Ph. D. degree in Diagnosis and Counseling in Natural Health Sciences, which she received in London from WestminsterUniversity (1987 - 1990).

At that time it was possible to study for this doctoral degree at WestminsterUniversity in the UK and at BerkeleyUniversity in the USA only. The conditions for admission were studies in Medicine Para-Medicine combined with in-depth background and recognized diplomas in the field of Supplementary Medicine, knowledge and diplomas in the area of Alternative Medicine, Naturopathy, nutrition, massage etc. - after an admission examination and scoring 80 points in each subject separately.

The training put en emphasis on the diagnosis that differentiates. Identical symptoms may stem from entirely different sources! Regarding the various approaches to diagnosing in general from both the conservative Medicine and "the other" Medicine, emphasizing the relationship among body/soul/and what stems from it - the invisible part of our whole: the studies included all of the "other Medicines", namely, "alternative", which are common and known in the world, in order for a diagnosing physician to be able to know when and whether, at all, to refer the determined patient to ant specific treatment, what the timing is and, mainly, what the order of preference is among all of the treatments that exist today in the free market, as well as the enormous, pretty confusing offering. Of course, also the personal match between client and therapist.

All this out of truly honoring Western Medicine and honoring no less the supplementary approach and tools, which for the most part are as ancient as mature wine and are nowadays renewed and improved and which constitute the Whole Medicine - Holistic (from whole), namely: the wholeness.

Healthy mind in a healthy body.

The Healing Methods and "Credo" of Dr. Conley

We did not invent the saying "body/soul are one single entity!" Those who come to me are persons that come after having gone through many maladiesand unsuccessful treatments that did not see the whole picture. Many of my clients are living testimony to the combination of the body and the soul, Medicine and Psychology.

There is almost no such thing as pain in one place not being related to another place. The break out of a disease usually is the waking up of something that already existed and sent hints that were ignored until, at the end, it took another form or penetrated either tissue or another organ and broke out.

Body-soul and what stems from it- the invisible part or our whole: Man is built in such way that his memory certainly is selective, but his body remembers it all. I know and can through the body, receive non-verbal messages that the person supposedly forgot to tell or repressed or prenatal imprinting, which project unto his body and his current health.

Man is the most reliable testimony of his problem. When a person comes to me I like to first and foremost listen to him/her before I look at the documents or X-rays, these are all but assistance in diagnosing. The ill person is at the center and all the answers lie within him/her. I an there only in order to help him/her to name them and to decipher them and to guide him/her through his/her body and feelings. Therefore, when a client sits in front of me, I always ask him/her: "in your opinion, what happened/happens???"

When it comes to bodily skill, people tell me that I have "X-ray hands"/ indeed, I let my fingers do the job. My students always asked me: How do you feel where something is not right, that that tissue is ill? The answer is: firstly, thanks for the inborn gift that each one of us receives in his/her field, then developing the skill through experience. The more one touches and knows what the normal thing is, to the same extent one knows how to diagnose also what is not within the boundary of the "normal", the desirable.

When it comes to skills of the soul, the main thing is the attention and guiding correctly the story of the client.

When it comes to the spirit, the skill lies in seeing out of the amazing, fairly complex contexts the end of the tread and the common thing that connects it all into a single whole. Namely, what caused the person to conjure precisely here and now what manifests itself in his/her body and soul. Why the timing, where in this body does this manifest itself and where does he/she chooses to make it extreme in his/her soul.

I attest to it that I listen to every story, even the one that seems most exaggerated and unrelated to reality, even if only out of the need to understand where it stems from' what does the person sitting in front of me needs, to see his/her reality (as an invention?) as he/she chooses to tell it. I do not disparage at any person or thing; instead, I respect.

I learn from my clients every day and every hour and get my charge from them. In every hour and get my charge from them. In every treatment I both give and receive.

Rehabilitation medicine

Osteopathy, Chiropractic, the Alexander Method, reflexology in all its varied facets kinesiology and one-brain, reiki, all types of healing, bioenergy, bioergonomy and universal energy. Acupuncture combined with laser and/or homotoxicology. Treatment with magnets to feal and to reduce pain.

Guiding parents and group facilitation using the Humanistic approach

Body/soul/and what stems from it - the invisible part of our whole, psychotherapy, psychodrama, use of therapeutic cards, NLP, Gestalt, EMDR, Pal Therapy, laughing yoga, guided imagery, etc.

Dr. Conley is an expert witness in the Courts in the field of rehabilitation, an arbiter and mediator in the field of community, couplehood and dissentions between sick persons and professionals in the Medical and Paramedical professions, a lecturer and consultant in the subject of Ergonomics = Human Engineering, consultant in pain clinics (on call). She holds certified diplomas in all the above.